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What was so great about the Khilafah system that had the Muslims to be the superpower of the world?

It is actually a pity for us that we live in this time, in the period after the Khilafah was destroyed. Had we lived during the time of the Khilafah system, we would have witnessed the beauty of International Islamic unity, true Islamic governance, and not the fake one we have today which is propagated by Saudi government and we would have witnessed the prominence of Islam.

What do we mean by the prominence of Islam? During the time of the Khilafah system, the whole world looked up to Islam. People truly admired Muslims, Muslims were honoured, and they were respected and were regarded as the most trustworthy amongst mankind. It was to such a degree that non-Muslims had so much of trust in the honesty of Muslims that they would even lend loans to Muslims without making any agreement or any form of record. This is because they were confident that the Muslims will always pay their debt.

So even when it came to education, Muslims were very prominent. They were the forefront of technology, scientific experiments and discoveries and even fashion. In fact, the Muslims were so admired that people desired to be Arab like how everyone today desires to be white and that people always look up to the Western secularism for everything. In the period of the Khilafah system, it was the same way with the Muslims. Everyone looked up to Muslims and because Muslims were predominantly Arab, people desired to be Arab.

The non-Muslims were treated very well under the Muslim rule and they would even stand up to defend the Islamic state when it came under attack by other Kuffar from outside. This alone proves that the Islamic Khilafah system was a success.

When the Christian crusaders invaded Palestine to take over Jerusalem, they butchered all the Muslims. Thousands of Muslims lost their lives and this is how they took control of Jerusalem. They killed innocent women and children, whoever they set their eyes on, they attacked and killed as long as they were Muslims.

So the Muslim leaders of the world of that time urged Salahuddin Ayubi to take back Palestine for the Muslims. After Salahuddin Ayubi conquered Palestine again, the Christians in Jerusalem were shaking with fear as what their fate would be. But Salahuddin Ayubi kept to the Sunnah of the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam and he told the Christians that they had been forgiven and that no harm would come to them. They are free to live in Palestine and they would be protected by the Islamic state.

Getting back to the Khilafah system, we now understand a basic idea of the state of the Muslim community internationally and naturally every successful nation will definitely have enemies. So while Islam was enjoying the seat of prominence, there were enemies of Allah and His Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaaam who were constantly plotting against Islam and they identified two main areas which would bring the destruction to this Islamic prominence.

Number one was the unity possessed by the Muslims internationally. Despite having different races, coming from different countries, different languages, etc, all Muslims agreed and were happy to be governed by one leader.

Number two, the knowledge and level of education which the Muslims had which posed a threat to the enemies of Islam. So if they could find a way to penetrate these two strengths of the Muslims, they would be successful in destroying the international prominence of Islam. This is why the British wanted to destroy the Khilafah system.

What is the hidden agenda behind the destruction of the Khilafah system?

It was to bring an end to Islamic governance by replacing it with a puppet regime which will be dictated by the Illuminati. Their primary mission till this day is to divide Muslims and keep them fighting amongst each other over petty issues while they were aided by the puppet regimes put in place by them to pave the way for Israel to become the ruling state of the world

They have used their puppet regimes to suppress the Arabs, to drive them away from seeking knowledge and to keep them under control while they fund and aid the development of Israel.

So whenever Arabs want to stand up against the occupation of Israel or the massacres in Palestine, these puppet governments were always there to suppress the people and keep them quiet. Did it ever occur to you although the war in Palestine has been going on for over 100 years; we never hear the government of Saudi Arabia speaking against the atrocities and killings of innocent Muslims?

And this is one of the reasons for the uprisings which we have witnessed in the Arab countries recently after decades of oppression. The people have had enough of these puppet governments and that is what caused the uprisings.

How does destroying the aqeedah of the Muslims result to their defeat?

Our education system has been contaminated by Western influences, especially those countries which have been previously occupied by the British forces.  Their introductions of secularism lead to the degeneration of Islamic intellectual.

Many of the great scholars in the past were Muslims. It is a well-known fact that the mathematical subject of algebra was discovered by an Arab and many similar cases regarding scientific discoveries by Muslims can be found in history.

The only way for the West to ensure that these types of scholars came to an end is by separating Islamic knowledge from secular knowledge and making it seem that they are two different branches of knowledge. So we Muslims have fallen victim to this ideology and we have separated Islamic knowledge completely. When we wish to find secular knowledge, the 1st place we would look is towards the West rather than looking for answers within Islam.

We have now been made to believe that all knowledge, science and technology, health care, businesses, family and social etc can only be found from the West. And we only turn to Islam for basic matters regarding fiqh. Fiqh is how to make wuduk, mandi wajib, how to get married, how to perform prayers, how to distribute a person’s wealth when he dies, ect.

Unfortunately there is no such thing as Islamic banking today because even the so called Islamic banks need to borrow money from the World Bank and they themselves have to repay with interest. So, if the Islamic banks themselves depend on the international riba system, how can this be regarded as Islamic banking?

We agree that they have policies and loan plans which have been termed as syariah compliant but the foundation of everyday banking system is governed by IMF. As long as we have paper money where the value is governed by the stock markets, we can never have the true Islamic financial system which was given to us by the Holy Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam and Khulafa Al-Rashideen.

The West basically turned us away from utilizing the Quran and Sunnah as a source of reference for education and for information.

And this I believe in my opinion that this has led to the degeneration of Muslim scholars. In the Quran, everything is given to us, all theories, even scientific ones can be found in the Quran. If we take any of these theories outlined to us in the Quran and we carry out an experiment to prove that theory, wouldn’t that become a discovery? This is how many of the Muslim scholars in the past contributed to education.

But unfortunately the West stole all the ideas and discoveries plagiarised everything that the Muslim had and after destroying the Muslims, they used the knowledge of the Muslims and turned it into their own. And today all of us get astonished and amazed by the discoveries by Einsten, Alexander Graham Bell, etc. We now look so high at Western scholars such as Noam Chomsky, Nancy Snow, Anthony Pratkanis, who else?

Western scholars are only here to deceive you, to misguide you so that you turn further away from the truth and what Allah Subhana Wataala asks of you. And it is them you refer to rather than the Quran?

Sadly today, we have taken the Quran and kept it on the shelf and we only decide to open it during the month of Ramadhan or maybe when somebody dies and we don’t even bother to research Hadith. Hadith is only used when we want to justify a fatwa.

So because our aqeedah and our education system have been contaminated with Western ideologies, we have become totally dependent on the West as the only source of knowledge and this has actually made us backward. Muslims has been divided, we have broken up to smaller nations. Before, the Middle East was called Arabia; there was no UAE, Qatar, Dubai, Saudi, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria and etc. All was regarded as Arabia.

We have now degenerated as a society, we have gone backwards, and we have some scholars who propagate that we should not seek any worldly knowledge at all, they just say, just pray and do what you have to do to survive, they do not want you to go to school or university because they want to boycott Western education, so they are also causing the Muslims to remain backwards.



  1. Islamic Inspiration
    November 1, 2013

    Subhanallah. It’s so true. The state Muslims find themselves in nowadays is very unsettling, and is itself a sign for us to reflect on. If you consider that after Rasulullah (SAW) passed away, the sahabah didn’t bury him until the issue of khilafah was finalized bears testomony to the importance of this issue.

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